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About F.M.


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Hi! I am a Communication Specialist and Digital Strategy graduate.

My journey started 3 years ago while dreaming to become a journalist. I travelled from Italy to the Uk so that I could study in London what I loved. 

My Journalism studies in the UK at
London Metropolitan University have been essential for the development of a neutral and multi-skilled mind, I have learnt and acquired the tools (I'm a confident user of Adobe Premiere Pro, Rush, Audition, Audacity and InDesign) to understand media dynamics, included new trends and interactions with other sectors of the society.

Thanks to my perseverance I was able to interview Paolo Taviani (film director and winner of the Berlin film festival), Abi Palmer (poet and artist exposed at Tate Modern), Patricia Elkins (first woman in British press to be entitled as a picture editor), Jago (international sculptor who represented Italy at Venice Biennale) and Benjamin Yalda (Mr. Erbil co-founder).


My values, tone of voice and style are what I offer to you: my advocacy. I am training in Marketing; I am mastering the art of “co-design” and “design thinking”.  Most importantly I can develop a marketing and communication strategy, a digital advertising strategy (Google Ads, Instagram and Facebook ads) and a coherent and relevant content and social media strategy; something I applied during my master’s degree course at Politecnico di Milano.

My studies and work experiences abroad made me grow emotionally and empathetically through interaction with other cultures.

For further information please contact me

                                     Thank you!

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